Project description

Borås Zoo – website

The challenge

In 2014, to meet the challenges of today’s new digital era, Borås Zoo made some key changes to its marketing plan. The decision was made to invest more heavily in digital media rather than traditional analogue channels.

This change in strategy underlined the need for a website that was more easily accessible and more user-friendly, both for visitors and administrators, with a flexible interface adapted to mobile devices.

Brainforest was called in to create a new website that not only provided visitors with clear information, but also served as a source of inspiration for children and adults alike.

The solution

The jumping-off point for the assignment was a segmentation exercise and a brand audit. The customer also had a number of wishes that we were asked to take into account in order to ensure that the brand and the needs of the target group were treated with the utmost care and respect.

Brainforest’s proposal culminated in a number of strategic and creative recommendations for Borås Zoo. These included idea, design and layout, as well as the actual production of the new website. We also built in API support to enable external systems such as the Borås Zoo app to always remain fully up-to-date by downloading information simply and seamlessly from the website.

The result

For Borås Zoo the new boraszoo.se site has been a huge success. Together with the zoo’s new media plan, the website has opened up lines of contact to numerous new visitors in locations that were beyond the scope of the zoo’s previous marketing measures. During our work to construct the new site, we also made adaptations that will facilitate the introduction of even more entertainment features in the future, encouraging visitors to play and interact more closely with the brand. One example of this is the development of a new app which visitors can download to experience the thrill of live geocaching in the zoo.


  • Digital Strategist
  • Johan Bengtsson
  • Art Director
  • Richard Almqvist