Web campaigns
Project description


The challenge

Craft sportswear was looking for help to develop a website where design and product went hand in hand. The company wanted to give special prominence to its Brilliance collection in reflective materials. These high-visibility garments are ideal for runners who often train during hours of darkness, in places where there is heavy traffic or in busy urban environments. The reflective material in Craft’s high-quality products has 360 degree visibility, so that wearers can be seen from all angles.

Craft also wanted the website to be user-friendly and fully responsive to ensure hassle-free functionality across a broad spectrum of devices.

The solution

Brainforest not only developed the idea, design and layout, but also built the website.
In order to achieve a successful viral spread, the customer’s Instagram account was linked to the website to automatically capture images with the hashtag #craftbrilliance.
The purpose was to lift the brand in various channels and to encourage users to publish their own pictures of the product. This strategy achieved the desired effect of reinforcing the brand even further.

The result

The website that Brainforest produced offers a user-friendly experience where the main focus is on the products’ properties and characteristics. In addition, it also demonstrates many of the ways in which these products with their special properties can be used.


  • Digital Strategist
  • Johan Bengtsson