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Project description

Effektiv – For winners in the workplace

The challenge:

Effektiv is a specialist in staffing and recruitment. The people behind the company include former Premier League footballer, Sweden international and IF Elfsborg stalwart Mathias Svensson, and Dennis Lenberg and Peter Karlsson Lund, both of whom have many years’ experience in management and the staffing and recruitment sector. Since Effektiv was founded, the company has developed rapidly and achieved some notable successes. Its offices in Borås and Gothenburg already meet the needs of a number of large organisations and smaller clients, but the company has big ambitions to expand its operations in the West Sweden region. Effektiv prides itself on creating the perfect match – selecting the right person for the right position. Quite simply, Effektiv helps companies to create a winning team.

To leverage its strengths and conquer new market shares, the company has undertaken an internal “brand journey” that has led to several changes. A brand journey is a process that takes a company through various stages in order to determine what aspects of the business work well and which interfaces with the market can benefit from adjustments and modifications.

The solution:

Through an internal process conducted in collaboration with Brainforest, every aspect of the company’s business activities has been thoroughly reviewed. As a result, operations have been streamlined, the focus has been sharpened and Effektiv has reallocated resources in different ways in order to maximise efficiency. The brand journey also led to a makeover for the company’s graphic profile.

The result:

Effektiv launched its new “team kit” – a new graphic identity – in conjunction with one of IF Elfsborg’s home matches at Borås Arena. The material was also published in channels owned by Effektiv and advertising space was purchased in local media to make sure the message reached the right target group. Targeted PR activities were also made in other selected channels. The tonality of the messages reflected that of the world of sport, where the managing director of Effektiv, Mathias Svensson, has enjoyed a long career as a successful professional footballer.

The values that Effektiv stands for are encapsulated in the watchwords Effectiveness, Drive, Long-term thinking and Success, and the company works actively to create the kind of team spirit that is evident in every successful football club. Effektiv works to create winners in the workplace, and the brand journey the company has undertaken together with Brainforest has led to the creation of an organisation that is more efficient and more effective than ever. The company’s new graphic identity has been well received, and Effektiv has also taken the opportunity to further strengthen its team with the addition of new players in key positions.

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  • Brand Strategist, Business Strategist
  • Kenneth Qfvarnström