Project description


The challenge

Since 2014 Brainforest has been the principal agency for Winnington AB, which manufactures and sells the tobacco- and nicotine-free KickUp snus and Epok white tobacco snus. Ahead of the launch of Epok, Winnington wanted help in developing a concept for this new snus. As a ground-breaking new product it faced numerous challenges in the market, both from the existing legal framework and from major industry competitors.

The aim was to create a portfolio of marketing materials that sales outlets would find so attractive that they would clamour to sell the new product. At the same time, of course, the product also needed to be marketed in ways that would appeal to end-users.

The solution

Brainforest produced designs for the individual snus boxes, packaging and in-store merchandising. This was a truly all-round assignment that included overall strategy, campaigns to retailers and consumers, POS materials, website and – the greatest challenge of all! – a snus box design that looked elegant and appealing without contravening any existing laws and regulations.

The website became a key communication channel for presenting product information and details about resellers and retail outlets.

The result

The product launch was a two-stage affair. The first challenge was to convince retailers and resellers to include the product in their range. These efforts were extremely successful thanks to a combination of carefully prepared presentations, detailed fact-files about snus and the opportunity to offer the market an exciting new product.

The second challenge was to sell at least one box of snus in each shop on each day in the first month. From day one, however, shops were selling boxes at a rate of five per day! As a result, the production facility in Hökerum had to quickly adapt to a two-shift system. The launch was highly successful and today Epok is continuing to win new shares of the snus market.


  • Art Director
  • Johannes Glans