Project description

KappAhl – Retail packaging solutions

The challenge

The KappAhl range is extensive. Numerous different packaging solutions are required to meet the needs of so many products. The challenge that Brainforest faced was to adapt a large number of packaging print artwork solutions to the KappAhl range of stockings and tights. The basis for this work was the concept masters produced by Dalziel & Pow in England. Our assignment was to transform the masters into a form that could be used to produce the consumer packaging. This included producing additional cut line templates, working with layout in terms of finalising images and graphics, final retouching of images, final adjustment of pictograms and adaptation of washing instructions and price marking, producing dummies for the final printwork and proof prints.

The solution

We delivered complex print artwork, which included graphics, size variations, matt and gloss finishes, embossing, colour variations, punch marks, fold and cut lines, adhesive, price markings, placement guides, in-store suspension solutions and certifications.

The result

It was an extensive project: Brainforest produced a total of 452 sets of artwork for printing consumer packaging solutions for KappAhl – 269 for ladieswear, 179 for menswear and 4 for Hampton Republic 27.


  • Production Leader
  • Lena Lind
  • Art Director
  • Rudi Sabo
  • Art Director
  • Magnus Wallmark