Project description

KappAhl – WOXO 720°

The challenge

Brainforest was tasked with producing a design idea that could be used across a collection of technical-functional clothing for children, tweens and teens. The label had already been decided: WOXO 720°. The brief was for the logotype to have clear connections to the snowboarding, skiing and skateboarding cultures – but not to be limited exclusively to a future with the hyped sports or other activities of contemporary youth culture. What’s more, the logo must also include a strong symbol.

The solution

We produced a selection of proposals, all of which featured an unusually designed W and an integrated symbol with clear allusions to skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding.

The result

KappAhl was most impressed by a version that incorporated a bold, attention-grabbing W with attitude and individuality, and a symbol that could be used out of context without losing any of its strengths. The symbol is abstract enough to be loaded with other values at different points in the future, while still being sufficiently concrete in appearance to fit into the context in which it is used. It is also suitable for use as an embroidered symbol and can be applied in a wide variety of ways.


  • Art Director
  • Rudi Sabo