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Project description

Citroën C4 Cactus – Event

The challenge

Citroën has been building cars since 1919 and is a well-known brand among private motorists and professional drivers. Brainforest has been working with Citroën’s marketing messages to the Swedish market since 2013. One assignment involved the challenge of launching the new Cactus model in conjunction with the 2014 SM Week, a week of sporting events arranged by the Swedish Sports Confederation. The focus of the launch was to be the car’s Airbump technology – the flexible, air-filled plastic panels on the sides of the car designed to minimise damage to the bodywork in dense traffic and tight parking situations. This unique feature is one of the most important USPs in the marketing strategy for the car.

The solution

Citroën wanted an integrated campaign, so Brainforest chose to present a proposal where a number of campaigns ran in parallel but which also included an event.

The prime aim was to launch the Cactus at various events in Sweden. The secondary aim was to boost online interest in the brand by creating an online game.

Brainforest created the “pong-style” game Airbump Challenge, which could be played using an app during the event and on Facebook and the Citroën website. As Citroën wanted to focus on the “soft” properties of the car, these were a frequently recurring feature of the game.

The result

The campaign was continually visible via the app, on the Citroën website, in social media and during the event days in Borås, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

The aim of getting the campaign to go viral was achieved: the online game proved hugely popular and was spread far and wide on Facebook.

The campaign as a whole was a great success for Citroën. It attracted the interest of a number of new target groups which would not normally have come into contact with the new car model. The Cactus also won the highly prized title of “Car of the Year”.


  • Production Leader
  • Lena Lind
  • Digital Strategist
  • Johan Bengtsson
  • Art Director
  • Johannes Glans
  • Art Director
  • Magnus Wallmark