Project description


The challenge

Since the Textile Fashion Center opened in Borås in May 2014 one of the aims of the initiative has been to establish a creative meeting place that will first put Borås firmly on the international map and then gradually build its reputation as an innovative city for fashion and culture. As one of many steps towards that goal, a Fashion Days event was successfully held in April 2015. This was followed up on 15 April 2016 when the Textile Fashion Center held an Open House in conjunction with the inauguration of the Textile Museum’s main spring and summer exhibition, “Artist Textiles – From Picasso to Warhol.”

At the same time a new, permanent cultural concept was launched. Known simply as OPEN, the initiative spans a range of cultural events that are linked to contemporary trends and innovations in textiles, fashion, food, music, sustainability, history, togetherness and the world around us.

Brainforest was tasked with conceptualising the overall identity of the OPEN initiative. This not only involved creating a cohesive graphic identity, but guidelines were also drawn up to ensure that this identity could be applied and used in a consistent way.

The solution

Brainforest produced a concept declaration and created a graphic identity that unified and reinforced the OPEN brand. The main purpose of the graphic identity is to create a cohesive and consistent brand unity, opening the way for the spin-off benefits of cross-fertilisation between the different areas in which the OPEN brand is used.

The result

The finished proposal has subsequently been implemented in connection with a number cultural events. The first positive results became apparent in spring 2016, and the concept will now form the basis for future work in this area. The aim is for this to become the common thread that links all of the different cultural events.

As the name itself suggests, OPEN is an event that welcomes everyone to take part, to be inspired and to gain a deeper insight into the type of cultural phenomena that have such a profound impact on the global community of which we all are a part. OPEN seeks to open the minds of visitors and to make culture more open and accessible by presenting it in an appealing and interesting way.


  • Art Director
  • Johannes Glans
  • Brand Strategist, Business Strategist
  • Kenneth Qfvarnström
  • Key Account Manager
  • Nathalie Dunér