Project description

The Adventures of Simba

A fun app that stimulates mental and physical activity


The challenge

Borås Zoo, which opened in 1962, is a 40-hectare green oasis close to the heart of Borås. The focus of the zoo’s collection is on Africa’s big game animals and the wild animals of the Nordic countries. Every effort is made to ensure that the animals are able to live and move in surroundings that are as familiar to them as possible, and to stimulate the animals’ natural behaviour. In addition to the zoo, the business activities of Borås Djurpark AB also include the Borås Camping campsite with facilities for caravans, motor homes and holiday cottages. Brainforest has been working successfully with Borås Zoo for a number of years. In conjunction with a makeover of the company’s graphic profile, management expressed a desire to see an increased focus on the digital experience that the zoo can offer. Brainforest was therefore tasked with developing an app that combines learning with physical activity by encouraging visitors to explore every corner of the zoo.

The solution

The proposal that Brainforest presented focuses on design, feel and appearance. As the target group is a youthful audience, the app uses straightforward language to ask simple questions so that even young children can play without needing help from their parents. “The Adventures of Simba” is a game that requires players to answer questions about animals while also visiting their various enclosures to collect a stash of virtual coins. Once the game has been completed, visitors can redeem their virtual coins for an actual gift in the zoo’s souvenir shop.

The result

The app, launched in September 2016, has been eagerly downloaded, widely used and highly praised by visitors to the zoo. The app will be updated with more versions to enable regular visitors to the zoo to choose from different editions of the game.


  • Art Director
  • Richard Almqvist
  • Copywriter
  • Karolina Peeker
  • Web Manager
  • Kim-Ove Kristiansen