Business Design
Project description

Springyard – Three reasons to love the outdoor life

The challenge

Springyard is a Swedish brand that stands for quality-assured premium products for shoe care and shoe accessories – all designed to cope with the Nordic climate. Brunngård, which owns the brand, saw enormous potential to reposition Springyard from a product-oriented brand focusing purely on function to a brand that could help to change the entire market for shoe care and shoe accessories. To transform the brand as quickly as possible Brunngård sought the help of Brainforest’s brand strategist.

The solution

Brainforest began by analysing the market situation to gain a thorough insight into consumer purchasing behaviour and consumer needs. This was then followed by an accelerated strategy process, the aim of which was to strengthen distributors’ and retailers’ offer through education, to create three needs-based product concepts, to produce a unique packaging concept with a premium feel, and to formulate a series of pedagogic step-by-step routines that trigger the desire to buy.

The result

Brainforest transformed Springyard in record time into a Swedish brand that is now renowned for offering quality-assured premium products for the Nordic market. Brainforest also developed three distinct concepts within the brand: Springyard Therapy, Springyard Classics and Springyard Performance – each carefully composed for consumers with different needs and developed specifically for the specialist trade. While all three concepts have their own individual identities to meet varying customer needs, they can also be combined with one another to promote sales in individually adapted, comprehensive in-store solutions. The packaging has been designed to enhance perceptions of these products, for example through the inclusion of unique, instructional explanations of a four-step process for successful shoe care. This also optimises the effectiveness of mechanical sales processes.


  • Key Account Manager
  • Magnus Frejd
  • Brand Strategist, Business Strategist
  • Kenneth Qfvarnström
  • Art Director
  • Magnus Wallmark