Project description


The challenge

When VOID Cycling wanted to improve its most important sales channel, it contacted us to help develop a new e-commerce platform and to advise about the use of different types of campaign in the appropriate channels.

The solution

Brainforest developed the idea, design and layout for a new, responsive e-trade platform that offers customers a choice of payment options in a variety of currencies.

We also produced a social campaign plan with a number of different activities aimed at various target groups interested in sports cycling. Brainforest worked with videos on Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media, but also conducted carousel campaigns in Facebook where selected products were fronted and linked to the respective product on voidcycling.com

As many people in VOID’s target group are avid social media users, we chose to place much of the focus on paid media space, chiefly on Facebook. In addition, a Facebook pixel was added to the e-commerce site in order to measure results even better and to follow up with further advertising initiatives to the target group.

The result

The new e-commerce site is user-friendly, inspiring and attracts visitors to make a purchase, while also exposing the products in their right element.

The social campaigns have proved to be a cost-effective way of reaching the intended target group and online traffic is constantly increasing.


  • Digital Strategist
  • Johan Bengtsson
  • Art Director
  • Magnus Wallmark
  • Copywriter
  • Karolina Peeker
  • Web Manager
  • Björn Jansfelt