Project description


The challenge

Brainforest has been working with Blåkläder workwear since 2007, regularly providing help with strategy development and production services in a variety of channels. Blåkläder’s vision is to be a leader in all the markets where the company is active in supplying workwear, gloves and shoes for tradesmen and craftsmen who make high demands in terms function, quality and design on the workwear they use.

In conjunction with the launch of its X1900 “craftsman’s trousers” Blåkläder sought to establish a more visible presence in film/video media and social media, and asked Brainforest to produce a campaign where the product was tested in a positive but innovative fashion.

The solution

The aim of the campaign was to use film and video media to demonstrate the durability of the X1900 design. The brief was to produce a campaign that was not only creative but also had a content with the potential to go viral, thus strengthening the Blåkläder brand even further. To meet these criteria Blåkläder created its own Test Lab where the trousers were put through a series of unusual and innovative tests. In one scene, for example, a stuntman was filmed being dragged along on his knees behind a sports car.

This was a full-service assignment that included strategy, campaign and film. The focus was on creating a broad spread in digital media and arousing interest in the X1900 trousers. One important USP was to demonstrate the durability of the trousers. The film was released on Blåkläder’s Youtube channel and space was also bought in social media to extend the reach of the film. In addition, a special campaign site was created to focus on the unique characteristics of the product.

The result

The campaign was a success, chalking up thousands of views on Youtube and in social media.

We also produced materials for retailers of Blåkläder’s products in the form of printed materials and films to be shown on in-store screens. We used Blåkläder’s standard blue-and yellow colours and worked with their graphic profile so that no one could be in any doubt that Blåkläder was the author of the campaign. All the material was translated into Danish, Norwegian and Finnish.


  • Art Director
  • Johannes Glans
  • Art Director
  • Magnus Wallmark