How our business meets GDPR compliance

Brainforest processes personal data to facilitate the provision of the services you need from us in connection with enquiries and assignments. This information may take the form of recordings of sound and images, or names, telephone numbers, email addresses or other data that has been shared with us in connection with job applications, the submission of enquiries, the placing of orders, the implementation of assignments and invoicing. We have a legal basis for processing data in order to be able to comply with the requirements of our business activities or to act in the justifiable interest of the person who has registered with us and who has given consent for us to process their data.

Information about instances where Brainforest is deemed to act as Personal Data Controller

The Personal Data Controller is Brainforest AB, corporate identity number 556671-7988, Box 55049, 501 14 Borås. Telephone +46 (0)33-722 77 50. Email
If you wish to know which of your personal data we hold for processing, please contact us by post, phone or at the email address given above. The same applies if you wish to change, erase or move your personal data or to revoke your consent for us to process your personal data.

We do not store personal data for more than 3 years unless we are required to do so to validate the reason for processing this information.

We implement the technical and organisational measures that are required to ensure that we protect the personal data we process in accordance with current data protection legislation.

If you have reason to believe that your personal data have been processed in an inappropriate manner, you have the right to contact the Swedish Data Protection Authority in this matter.

Information about instances where Brainforest is deemed to act as Personal Data Representative or other processor

In its role as communication partner Brainforest may need to process personal data for which you, in your role as principal, are the Personal Data Controller. If you wish Brainforest to process personal data on your behalf, it is necessary to draw up a Data Processing Agreement between us.